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About Palos Verdes

Centennial, Colorado

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Palos Verdes, Centennial, Colorado is truly a remarkable neighborhood. It is strategically located, has a nationally recognized school system, and has enjoyed exceptional property value growth, all within one of the nation's newest cities. What makes us such a remarkable neighborhood are the residents who live in Palos Verdes. Our neighborhood consists of 473 homes built between the early 1960s and late 1970s. We are strategically located between E Orchard Road (North), E Caley Avenue (South), S Newport Street (East), and S Holly Street (West).

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Board Members

Stacey Hilzer - Secretary

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Dawn Biniek - President

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Nancy Nickless - Vice President

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PVCA Bylaws

Neighborhood Events
Every year PVCA sponsor neighborhood events such as a Spring Treasure Hunt, 4th of July Parade, Neighborhood Street Party, Halloween Hospitality Hut, and many other events


Dumpster Day
In the Spring and Fall we
 provide oversized dumpsters on neighborhood cleanup days.


Monthly Newsletter

Neighborhood Upkeep/Maintenence

We maintain entrance signs and perimeter fences, tree/shrubbery planting, water/trimming and weed control.

Annual Dues

Annual Dues - $60.00

Mail payments to 

Palos Verdes Civic Association (PVCA)

PO Box 5274
Englewood, CO 80155-5274